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A Budget Traveller’s Guide: Belgrade, Serbia.



We visited Belgrade by accident. I know, it’s not like tripping up in the street or spilling your coffee all over your shirt, but it really was an accident. We had no plans to visit Belgrade – especially when we did. I explain the faff that is this story here, but for today, let’s talk about Belgrade!

We arrived by bus from Skopje. The journey taking a brief 7-8 hours. I say brief because when we boarded the bus at what can only be described as last minute, we had no idea how long it would take. The bus avoids Kosovo and despite minor heart palpitations at the border, having a Kosovar stamp in our passports didn’t seem to be a problem for the Serbian border control. Phew.

Belgrade is a much larger city than others we’ve visited so far in the region – there’s even a few McDonalds, which proved their worth when we arrived in desperate need of Wi-Fi!

The city is bursting with buses, trams and trolleybuses, although we didn’t need to use any for the short time we were there other than the airport bus.

McDonalds Wi-Fi had shown us where to get the airport bus, we’d written down directions and drawn a make-shift map, however it proved really difficult to find in reality. The stop is on the side of on a multi-lane roundabout and although there is a pillar with a signboard, the sign is really faded and we didn’t notice it until we’d already confirmed with locals that this was the place. Your best bet is to look out for the big Casino sign on the opposite side to what I think are the two main streets onto the roundabout and wait around there. Also, something amazing happened on the bus to the airport! About half way there, the bus pulled over, hazards on, engine on, door opens. The driver ran out and crossed the road to a bakery and dutifully waited in line to buy his dinner! No one on the bus batted an eyelid!


Not sure if our impromptu trip to Belgrade would be covered on insurance – we kept a tight hold on what little Dinar we took out! Belgrade wasn’t so much of an indulgence – more a case of walking around the supermarket adding everything up and feeling pretty darn proud at getting dinner and breakfast for 2 for 597 from our 600 budget! Go team!


There’s always a silver lining, and in the case of our emergency get-home-before-Christmas trip to Belgrade, this proved to be a zoo! Hooray! If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know we’re hot on our zoo visits.



The Belgrade Fortress is an interesting way to spend an hour or so, strolling up to the top and looking out across where 2 rivers meet showed us just how much bigger Belgrade is compared to Skopje and Pristina.

It was only a little and unexpected visit to Blegrade for us! Do you have any tips we missed on a whirlwind trip? Let us know in the comments!

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