What is Mundo Trundle?

Mundo = “world” in Spanish

Trundle = “the act of moving slowly or heavily”

(I’m hoping we’re not going to be moping heavily around the world, slowly yes, but heavily no.)

By putting together the blog and vlog that make up Mundo Trundle as we travel the world, we aim to bring you the latest facts, fun and food from around the mundo. If you fancy reading about pod hotels in Tokyo or saving money for travelling then you should hang around. As we make our way across the world, we’ll also be making our way across the world wide web and you can find us here, here, here, here, here, here and here. Social media took off didn’t it?

Oh, and we visit zoos. It’s just a thing we do.

Who are these Mundo Trundlers?

It’s always awkward to big yourself up in an about section so we decided to write about each other instead.

Lindsay by Ashley

Lindsay is an adorably cute, 5 foot 2 inches tall, secret ginger, language ninja from the heart of England. When I first met Lindsay in 2009, she blew me away with her amazingly inspirational language brain and her unbridled passion for all things travel and foreign (in fact that’s how we got to know each other!)

After a childhood spent travelling around Europe and Scotland, at 18 she struck it out on her own and headed to Costa Rica as part of a long term TEFL program. This super charged her love of language and travel and after returning to the UK and realising a university life of booze and dirty loos just wouldn’t do, she signed up to the OU for a 6 YEAR part time Modern Foreign Language degree and hasn’t looked back since.

Thanks to this absolutely massively long, but ultimately very open course, Lindsay has been able to travel the globe, shooting across Europe and diving into Asia and Africa (a little bit). In 2011 she toured Asia, visiting Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma and multiple other East Asian countries, taking in the culture, food and one mysterious tropical disease.

But this didn’t slow her down as a couple months later we were tracking it through China and Asia again. In fact, in the time I’ve known Lindsay my back packing potential has exploded exponentially from silly jollies to life changing trundles.

With a friendly tone and a passionate buzz to see the unknown, Lindsay is without a doubt the perfect person to see the world with.

Ashley by Lindsay

Ashley is a curly haired film maker and primary school teacher hailing from a village in Northamptonshire, England. He’s impossible to draw without looking like an old lady. After a childhood of weekends spent at the family farm, he set off at 18 to the University of Wales…Lampeter. Yes, Lampeter is a place, and yes, apparently it has a university. Ash was clearly unable to break away from his country bumpkin routes.

Having said that, Lampeter, with its 2000 strong population, proved to be a success, and Ashley walked away 3 years later with a First Class Honours degree in Media Production. First for you Glen Coco Ashley, you go Glen Coco Ashley! He was even lucky enough to bag himself a place with The Primate Handshake Project, sending him to Kenya on his first plane! This became a good topic with which to bond across the lunch table at work with his now girlfriend – Lindsay (that’s me!).

Since then, we’ve been lucky enough to spend various weekends and long weekends across Europe, some time in Asia and many a camping trip in the UK. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes it’s sunny. It’s normally muddy. Ash likes this as (for reasons I can’t understand) he’s a keen cross country runner.

Whilst I do most of the writing here on Mundo Trundle, Ash is the man behind the films and the pretty stuff like logos and photos. Basically, this blog and my life would be very dull with him. He’s awesome.

Where are you trundling?

Our big journey will begin in summer 2016 as we tackle the epic road trip that is The Mongol Rally. From there we have a rough idea of where we’d like to go…

  • head down into China, hang about a bit, maybe pop across the see more of Japan and Korea
  • weave our way through South East Asia, a region Lindsay explored back in 2011 (sadly, mostly Ashley-less)
  • Papua New Guinea may sound like a long shot but being a language lover, it’s high on Lindsay’s list.
  • Australia and New Zealand seem to fit nicely next. Maybe with a couple of side trips to some tropical South Pacific islands if we’re feeling lavish or get lucky with a home-stay or something.
  • Then it’ll have to be a flight across the land free mass of the Pacific Ocean to the Americas. Potentially a few weeks in the US of A followed by a mammoth tour of Central and South America.
  • We might hit up the Caribbean a little here as well!
  • We’re loosely planning on flying out of Brazil and maybe back up through Europe or down through Africa if we’re still travel hungry (and have the funds to back us up!)

In the meantime, we’ll continue to explore Europe and bring you blogs and vlogs from across the continent. Enjoy!

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