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A Budget Traveller’s Guide to Prague, Czech Republic


Prague is very well located for a quick city break from the UK or anywhere else in Europe, as well as being perfectly central and a great place to hop over to other places if you’re on a bit of a Eurotrip.

Although there are frequent cheap flights from the UK to Prague, we visited from Brno so caught the bus in with the Student Agency. Wow. The Student Agency was our biggest surprise from our little trip to Brno, Prague and Vienna. And they proved to be amazing! How we hadn’t come across them before hand is beyond me, seeing as one of their big routes is a Prague-Brno-Vienna loop! I’d recommend booking in advance online as their buses are really popular, and for good reason – free hot drinks, a personal screen with English and Czech movies and TV, free headphones to watch said screen are just the highlights of the amazing service on the Student Agency buses. Seriously, they’re awesome.

student agency prague

When it comes to getting around Prague itself…not so awesome. Check out Ashley’s post about how the public transport system seems to work. Coming from a barrier heavy Britain, the trust in Prague (and Vienna) when it comes to their public transport is unbelievable. There are no turnstiles or gates to get through, just a few pillars for traffic control and a couple of validating machines. They trust their citizens and it’s baffling, but beautiful.


I hope you like meat? And beer? Then you’ll be just fine! Czech food is pretty darn meaty, and on top of that they’re the biggest beer consumers in the world. You’re in luck. Beer and meaty dishes such as goulash and pork in various forms can be found across the city in abundance. Step off the tourist trail a little and you’ll find yourself saving a koruna or two for the same meal.

prague meat and beer

But don’t worry if you’re not a big meat fan, we stumbled upon a fantastic vegan restaurant up near the castle that actually turned out to be the cheapest set menu we’d spotted all day at just 135CZK!

A couple of steps up the same street and you’ll spot a bubble tea shop! Not only do we love zoos, but bubble tea is also a firm favourite and if we find it, we take it!


There are a couple of postcard sights in Prague, namely the Astrological Clock, Charles Bridge and the Castle. However, there are a few gems that are known, but not quite as crowded.

Our favourite find was the John Lennon Wall. We have to be honest and say we hadn’t heard of it until we saw it highlighted on a Segway leaflet map (FYI, segways are dominating the streets of Prague nowadays). When we found it, we had no idea what the John Lennon wall was all about but even without knowing why it’s there, you still feel a sense of calm and that everything is going to be ok. We even did a bit of our own graffiti. The wall gets to you.

So, boyfriends! Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten to bring a padlock for the love lock bridge a short trundle from the John Lennon Wall, because you can leave your mark of love right there on the wall in black and white..or green, or yellow, or whichever colour graffiti can is kicking around that day.

john lennon wall prague

I first visited Prague back in 2008 as a bright eyed young traveller with a massive backpack. Back then it was my first glimpse into Eastern (or Central, let’s not get into this!) Europe, and in my memory it was a dark, gloomy and slightly scary place. Now either I’ve travelled so much more in Eastern Europe that it’s just second nature or things have changed. I’m drawn towards the latter. On our recent visit, Prague was full of tourists, most of whom seemed to be in big tour groups on Europe tours from the US or Asia. Prague is out there. It’s now become a quintessential part of any Euro trip worth it’s salt, so you better get there. Quick. But maybe not with the big tour group, come on, this is a budget traveller’s guide after all!

Have you visited Prague? What did you think? We’d love to know in the comments!

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  • Tiana

    I miss Prague something fierce. And I chuckled at your Eastern/Central Europe remark…hahaha

    • Hehe! Yes, I had a looong debate with a friend last year who spent a lot of time in Poland about the whole Central vs Eastern Europe thing!! Best to keep everyone happy! 😉

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