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Published on May 9th, 2015 | by Ashley Williams


The John Lennon Wall: Prague, Czech Republic

There are many great and wonderful classic buildings spread across Prague, dating back to a time of royals, operas and empires. However, there are also a few not so classic wonders hidden down the backstreets of this amazing, and at times, absurd city.

One of those wonders is The Lennon Wall.


A throw back to the communist era of the 1980’s, the John Lennon Wall started out as a protest against the party control of the city, as a plane wall in the centre of Prague was turned into a loving mural toward John Lennon. This obviously infuriated the communist rulers of the city, who quickly saw through the homophone based humour and found no wit in comparing Lenin (founder of communism) and Lennon (ex-Beetle and slightly bigger than Jesus).

The authorities of the time quickly painted over the wall, thinking that would be an end to the problem, however, silent protesters of every walk of life, quickly refilled the white washed wall with more messages of peace, love and tolerance, with John Lennon continuously rising from the paint like a Dulux Phoenix.

As time went on, the authorities tried many things to crush the popularity of this street art protest, but with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Communist Party in Prague, the wall quickly became a symbol of freedom in the new city.

Nowadays, the wall stands as a quaint ever-changing reminder of the power of art over authority. Hundreds of people everyday make their way through the streets of Prague, looking for the infamous wall, just to leave a small message of love, happiness and joy for the rest of the world to see.


I’m not going to lie and say everything left behind on the decades of gracious graffiti is equal to Shakespearian sonnets or Michael Rosen wit, with much of it reading ‘love’ ‘Thanks Mum and Dad’ or badly quoted songs from the 90’s. But it does give an impression of the sheer happiness that people want to try and share with the world, with 99% of the messages being that of hope.

We even left a little mark of our own:


So, if you’re ever in Prague, please check this amazing site out. It’s by far more interesting than your tourist shot of the astronomical clock or yet another church tower. It’s a real link with the true vibe of modern Prague and a real must see

Check out our short video of visiting the Lennon Wall below:

Have you ever left your mark on the John Lennon Wall or seen something similar? We’d love to hear about it!

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