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Staying In A Pod Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

Notoriously being one of the most expensive cities in the world, finding cheap accommodation wasn’t a job I was looking forward to. However, pod hotels saved the day. And a lot of cash.

Originally designed for business men who had been working late and missed the last train out of the city, pod, or capsule, hotels are an awesome place to sleep on the cheap in Tokyo. That fact is important though – they were intended for men. You won’t notice until your boyfriend comes back into the pod, pink, and in need of a lie down because he’s been in the sauna for too long. “Sorry? Sauna? Whaaa? There’s no sauna in the ladies!”

So fresh, so clean

Of course, there are other cheap options in Tokyo such as hostels or Couchsurfing, but the capsule hotel we stayed in cost us a grand total of £16 per night including fresh towels, pyjamas and slippers each day! You trot downstairs in the morning and pop your grubby ones in a big laundry basket and then collect fresh ones on your return before bed. Oh, and did I mention the bathrooms?

Hairdryers, hairbrushes in a UV hair brush cleaner machine (this is Japan), a spa bath and a toilet with a heated seat that sprays your bum clean and sings – bird song or flush – so people outside don’t hear what’s going on in there. And that’s just the ladies toilet. The gents in our place (I’m reliably informed) came complete with all of the above, plus massage chair, plus sauna! Wowza.

Your room-slash-caravan-slash-pod

We stayed in a double pod, primarily used by curious tourist couples, or so it seemed over our week there. Most people came for one night and one night only, which is a shame because you do begin to get into the routine of it all after a couple of nights. On the other hand, they are designed for one night stays so I guess you get the gist of it.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a lower bunk pod and you can just roll up your bamboo blind and jump in. If you’re on the upper bunk, there are some foot rests to help you up. Inside, you have a small built-in shelf with a radio and alarm clock, as well as a built in TV…and, well, a bed.

The double pod was surprisingly roomy and you could have fitted in 4 skinny minnies or 3 normal sized people quite comfortably.

Pro Pod

  • Fun and quirky experience
  • Clean and fresh stuff every day
  • If you’re on a long-term trip, the bathroom (did I mention the free toiletries?) is a Godsend.
  • Lockers and good security
  • A calm break from hostels

No Pod

  • If you’ve got a lotta luggage, you might find the lockers a little bit wee.
  • The walls are thin. If you opt for a double pod, you may well hear some rumpy pumpy.
  • The peace and quiet may seem lonely if you’re used to a hostel atmosphere.
  • Ladies. Tuck your hair in and wear a baggy t-shirt to disguise yourself for the best bathroom. I thought the women’s bathroom was amazing until Ashley came back one night from the sauna. Sauna?! What sauna?!

Do you fancy staying in a pod hotel? Maybe you already have? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!


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