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Our Trip To The Big Apple

What can you say about a city that’s been featured in millions of films, billions of photos and told in trillions of stories….in reality nothing. And frankly, after only a few minutes of walking around the big apple, we felt like we know the place from just the films, photos and stories we’d feasted on for years as well.

“Oh My God! That’s the street from….!”…. “Look, there’s a steam vent like in… “Did you see that building! That’s where…”

In fact, the one BIG thing we took from the BIG apple was the sheer size of the of the place! It’s enormous! Manhattan itself is ginormous, but when you include the other five boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island, New York isn’t just a fantastically huge city, its almost its own country!

This was something we didn’t truly appreciate straight away, and being the money saving geniuses we are, we decided to try and walk everywhere! So, day one, after landing at the ferry port in Lower Manhattan (we were staying in an AirBnB on Staten Island), we set off on a heart warming trek to Central Park. With our plan of seeing the city at a leisurely pace; taking in the sites; experiencing the sound; and stretching the legs after the long flight over from the UK.

So we walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, and after an hour an a half of walking straight up the grid system, we were still very much walking in the lower part of the city. Hundreds of streets from our final destination…we bought a metro card the next day (unlimited uses for the week) and we used that bad boy to go everywhere! However, even with it, we still easily walked 15km plus each day.

Now, the reason we were in New York wasn’t just for sight seeing or taking in the smells of hot dog and pretzel stands, we were in New York to make a film! A film that would become the calling card for all the other language films we have planned for this coming year. To check out the actual film, go to (Language Stories: The 7 Line).

The filming itself took a good part of everyday, with shots needed on the 7 line in and around Queens and Manhattan. We also had interviews planned at YouTube space and Brooklyn, as well as other amazing cut aways and montage shots from the glowing Florissant light filled city that is New York, the city that never sleeps.

The constant insomnia the metropolis is afflicted with however was quite useful, as staying on Staten Island (an easy 40 minute ferry from Lower Manhattan, that ran 24hours a day, every 15-30 minutes), added quite quickly to our already long filming days around the city. Starting at 5-6am, we’d eat breakfast and catch an early ferry over to the city, before spending the day filming and interviewing. After, we’d trek back across the city, catching the ferry back to our AirBnB on the island, rolling into bed close to midnight. This resulted in us wracking up some pretty mammoth days in NYC, fuelled by a combination of sugary giant drinks (the Americans have no concept of small) and a handful of stale bagels and apples we’d get from a mini-mart on Staten Island, usually bought on a return journey the night before.

We of course ate out at a few cool / fancy places: a Paraguayan restaurant in Queens, Korea Town, Chipotles (the latter was not so fancy but the result of getting back the bit to late to cook something cheap); and a Columbian Deli Restaurant in Jackson Heights in Queens. We were also lucky enough to eat at Daniel and Freddie’s house (a few guys from the film) on Lindsay’s birthday, which was pretty special.

Lindsay of course celebrated her 28th birthday while in the city, with a whole heap of tourist activities scheduled in for the day including: a trip up the Empire State Building; eating out in Korea Town; and a mad dash out to Coney Island; before heading back to Brooklyn for another interview segment for the film.

Lasting Impressions

Rough around the edges, with an attitude that just doesn’t care, New York is a place like no other. Its a hustling, bustling, shouting, cheering, hilariously ambitious city of billion voices all wanting to be heard. From its enormous steel buildings, to its busy multilingual streets, New York is very much the world’s capital and a city that deserves to be seen, heard and experienced by everyone.

Check out the short film of our time in New York below:

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