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Why do so many people visit Oxford?

Being born and raised in the rural midlands of Northamptonshire, Oxford was always a safe bet for family days out and wet school trips to the Ashmolean. With its cobbled medieval streets, quality imperial museums and abundance of pedestrianised walk ways, Oxford was and still is a great place to visit.

But why do so many people visit Oxford?

Being a local of this small island, I know very well it’s not the only quality city England has to offer. So why do so many people visit Oxford in flocking waves of flashing cameras, hell bent on capturing that perfect Instagram shot of a quaint bicycle padlocked to a fence or buying that very special Oxford poncho that will live with you for 2 weeks before being mistaken for one of Tesco’s finest and used to scrape the dogs mess from the living room floor?

Maybe it’s because it’s historical.

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Yes, Oxford is pretty historically impressive, hosting not only the oldest university, but also the oldest museum, and the oldest comma. Ok, so maybe the Oxford comma isn’t the oldest but you get the idea. In fact, Oxford  University is older than the Aztecs. But places like Bath are far more historically impressive. After all Bath is Roman and Romans always win.

Maybe because it’s that quintessential British city with enough tea, pubs and bowler hats to fill a medium sized crater on the moon.

Yep, Oxford definitely has it’s fair share of ‘British things’. Much of this has been retained for posterity, whilst others have been crowbarred into the public walk ways, like a tourist fly trap. In fact, every cliché of British and related Hogwarts society has some how found its way into Oxford city centre.

However, every good Englishman knows a cream tea outside of Devonshire is just a brew and scone, fish and chips should never be £11 and Hogwarts is actually a fictional school filmed on a sound stage at Pinewood.

Maybe it’s the University.

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Maybe, but I’ve never heard of people frolicking around Paris looking for the Sorbonne or jetting to Boston to stare longingly at MIT.

With tours seemingly every few minutes around the famous colleges, roaming in and out of the quiet libraries and down the long dusty corridors, it’s a wonder any studying could be accomplished with the thousands of tourists washing through with selfie sticks and telescopic Lenses. Oxford tourist companies really do utilise what they have, even if it is at the expense of some young and confused undergrad.

But are the universities really that popular or are tourists just unilaterally willing to be guided around anything with sign and a velvet rope?

Maybe because it’s close to London.

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Image courtesy of Google Maps. Thanks, Google Maps.

Yes, Oxford is pretty close to London, but to any tourist from outside of Europe, everything is pretty close to London. England is a very small country.

Maybe because it’s just more picturesque than Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester or any other industrial or former industrial jungle.

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Yep. No doubting it. Oxford is a very pretty city. I could spend all day staring at the buildings and filming them from every angle, with each new passing shadow revealing an even more more picturesque scene. In fact Oxford is so pretty, Hitler ordered the Luftwaffe not to bomb it during World War 2, as he wanted the city to be his new new capital, if the Nazis had successfully invaded.

Maybe its because Oxford is a loved city.

The people of Oxford obviously care about the city and feel pride in how it looks and feels. With its history and ever-so-British sentimentality, tourists flock to Oxford because it’s quirky, inviting, historical and really rather British.

Check out our short visit to Oxford with visiting Mexican tourist, Sis, below:

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